About us

true story

Coming from different countries and disciplines SXS Enterprise a.k.a Siegmar Zacharias, Xander de Boer and Steve Heather regularly collaborate together. SXS Enterprise take you on a guided tour through the grittiest and the glitziest elements of contemporary culture. SXS Enterprise explore with the audience what it is to be together. Creating double takes of perception, real time backdrops for the audience’s fantasy and sound-scape's for the collective imagination.

We use the languages of film, TV, music, theatre and visual art. Low tech meets high charge as we explore the potential of media as equal entities. Images aren’t wallpaper and sound ain't no carpet but together they create space for experience, thought and the glitter of your imagination.

Since its inception in 2006 SXS Enterprise has toured internationally performing

in festivals, theatres, galleries, clubs, urban areas and forests. Amongst others at:

HAU Berlin
sophiensaele Berlin
FFT Duesseldorf
zeitraumexit Mannheim
Grandtheater Groningen
Hetveem Amsterdam
Huis aan de Werf Utrecht
STUK Leuven
Vooruit Ghent
Archa Prag